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01 February 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Goooood evening lj! :D I've been making blog sites manually, php scrips and all lately so I sort of forgot to post here. >>
03 September 2008 @ 07:28 pm
YARR. Just letting the world know that I've been leaving a couple of communities I'd long forgotten or haven't visited lately. Seriously, there turned out to be a whole bunch of communities I'd just.. forgotten. Well done me, right? I'm a bad bad bad community member. You may proceed to longdistance hit me with a brick. :<

Also... LOLFRIENDSCUT!! I'm cutting out my old journal. Go away you bastard journal!

Current Music: Coheed and Cambria - Mother May I  ♪
Location: Still at work, still leeching

So. It's Sunday. Well, technically, it's 7 minutes into Monday. But I've yet left to go to sleep, so I'm sticking with Sunday for now. Dad has left for Paris and Mom and my little brother leave on Tuesday. And then dad comes back, stays here for.. what three days? And then I'm alone for the rest of the summer. Surprisingly I'm terribly excited about it. I'm even looking forward to make fancy dinners for me and my friend. My friend who will,-most likely- stay over for a while. If she doesn't I'mma be terribly lonely. What? Wake up at 13:00, eat, be bored for three hours, pack lunch, go to work, get home at 20:00 -or so-, eat and go to bed. YES, fantastic. If I wasn't so cold I'd stop shaking and headdesk for sympathy. What is a better idea, is to go fetch a duvet. But the floor is cold >> 

Today I'm suitably frustrated with the laws that prevent someone under 18 from buying stuff online. THERE'S ONLY FIVE MONTHS LEFT! I'VE ALREADY GOT A JOB AND A SALARY! Please, Please, Please let me go nuts on eBay?! I want those boots D: And they're so cheap too. With the dollar currently so low. Got to go crazy while we still get a certain profit from it! -mutter- Bugger you laws! I will become a politician and make all the young adults vote for me with the promise that I will edit the laws to make it 'anyone who turns 18 this year' and not 'anyone who’s turned 18'. I'm born in NOVEMBER. SCREW YOU LAWS. Buggerit. 

Aerosmith - Dream On ♪
17 June 2008 @ 01:24 am
GODDAMNIT that song wont leave me alone. And it's sort of terrifying how well that line fits my current situation. Been stuck on this mountain for about a week now.. or so. Not sure what day it is. And somehow I've neglected the need to find out. I mainly get up after three hours of so of listening to bad Tv downstairs in a state of existance denial. After that, I walk around following such commands as "shovel this mud across the lawn" and "paint that wall". Now my favorite pants are full of mud and brown paint. Which looks sort of similar in it's whole brown spot on green pants ness. .. and no it doesn't look like crap. That would've been bad. But easier to wash off though.. Paint is bad. <<

Yeah.. I've got nothing more to write.
17 March 2008 @ 02:39 am
I've been listening to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack for a couple of hours and have forgotten to remove Anthony and Johanna's songs. Which logically means that I've had to listen to them a couple of times without noticing. I think perhaps I've gone mad. I've got this unlogical wrath towards birds now, thanks to Johanna and her squeaking. And who can forget Anthony and his meme singing. "FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL you Johaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaa" I reckon he'd be one to over use Capslock/Cruise Control of he'd have internet, the little bugger. And Sweeney.. well he'd probably use alot of unnecessary punctuation.

Anthony: DUDE, Johanna's coming over here! SOON! OMGOMG
Sweeney: . . . .

Yep. I need to sleep again. When I start making conversations between characters and people I have no further connection with, it's baaaad. It's smack-your-head-into-the-desk bad. It's such a horrid Bad you can't even find it in the dictionary. And those are the worst kinds of words. Those are the words insane people or gangs with slang -words your hippie grandma would sell her kidney for- use. So there. That proves -to a certain degree- that I should go to sleep now. 

Edit: Heck, d'you think Anthony would write 'dude'? Probably not.
16 March 2008 @ 02:07 am
Well, easter's starting. I'm not particulary fond of the actual reason for the celebration, or atleast what it has come to be because of. It did start out as the spring festival (or something of the likes) over here but quickly turned into the easter that is celebrated 'couse of Jeeziecreezies death and all. Which is a tad odd, no? With us celebrating by leaving towns, skiing up mountains, crawling into cold cabins and eating chocolates. How does that link to Jeezie in any, any tiny way? It links, by not linking at all. AT ALL. The pope and all those cloaked little buggers by the beginning of christianity decided to shove the christmas and the easter on the exact dates as celebrations already of excistance just to make it easier to change religion. Or, atleast it had to be something similar. Why the heck do you think we celebrate JeezieCreezies death once every year depending on where the fricken moon is? And how come some people still think the chap was born Christmas eve when scientist aren't even sure it was that year after all. You know, the more you learn, the more knowledge you gain, the less your beliefs stay with miracles and gods. 

Anyhow, I was ranting about easter. You see, easter in Norway has a tradition of consisting of a lot of snow. In the cities, the snow has finally begun to go away. You can just about feel the warmth of summer creeping out of hiding. But then, the sick creature of easter traditions turns up and everyone (atleast the ones who still follow tradition) move uphill. Up the mountains to some manforsaken cabin, usually with 2 Tv channels and the crapper in a shed 20 meters away. My family is gratefully a tad luxurious with our cabin and we've got our toilet inside. And internet, as this post probably shows. It's not particulary great internet, but it's way better than nothing. So yes, 3 km uphill away from a tiny road in the middle of a mountain 1 hour by car from home and 15 minutes by car from what perhaps can be considered a village. And yes, up the mountains there's snow EVERYWHERE. One year all we could see of the two twin cabins was one chimney. Thankfully there's less snow this year. 

So, with all the snow, one does ofcourse not just walk into Mordor. One skis into Mordor. Didn't think of that now did you Boromir, eh? Yeah, anyways, we ski'd. 3 km's uphill on skis with stomach cramps, headache and pains in my legs as a result of staying out all day yesterday. I was, admittedly not a very happy camper. Or cramper as my really bad humour suddenly decided to shove into my head. Thank you humour. That was nice. Now, where was I? Ohyes. Complaining about snow and cramps. Well, there is less snow where I'm sitting right now but the cramps have not subsided. It's 2 and a half past midnight and I SHOULD go to sleep. But I don't want to and cramps and preventing me from getting up, and further from climbing up the ladder to the loft where I sleep. The loft with 1,2m ceiling, in the middle.. and the ceiling is pointed. So at the side, where my feet is there's hardly any space. No. I don't feel like going up there.

Hehayh~ This post is reaching a length of awesomeness that nobody would want to read. And that follows the main reason for why I actually wrote this shit. All I wanted to do was fill up my journal and perhaps get a bit of practice to keep being able to write really fast on a computer. I've been a bit lakcing on that skill of recent and I do not particulary feel like loosing it. Even though, it perhaps is like Cycling where you only need to learn it once. Yes perhaps. Nontheless, this has been fun.

Now, I really should get my ass off this couch and get up that damned ladder. But I really really don't feel like it. Shit. Need sleep damnit. Good Night Livejournal and my non exsistant readers <3
12 March 2008 @ 10:22 pm
Threw together a Kat-tun theme with hearts. Pictures are most likely from the community paper_boys if I'm not mistaken.

Under cut:

6 Icons
1 Friends Only picture
1 Banner
1 Header (will feature layout code too)

11 March 2008 @ 09:59 pm

Well look at this. I've made my third account. First one I've forgotten the password for, and the second had a silly name. All in all, I'm feeling good about this account. The layout turned out very simple and so did the icon.. but I reckon it looks somewhat neat 'cous of it. 

Will hopefully post more often on this account, than the last two. <3

And now off to rejoin communities~ :D